I don’t know why I haven’t posted anything lately… I almost completely forgot about my blog to be honest. Oops…

Rehearsals have begun, and so far so good. You know it’s pretty much the usual, talking about the language (it’s Shakespeare), getting blocking down, and making choices, you know the drill. The only thing that’s kind of unusual is that we can’t rehearse in our soon to be performance space, so the directors are coming up with very tight spaces for a company of twenty actors to get their footing, it takes a lot of patience, and due to unforgiving acoustics a lot of sitting in silence.

The only thing that’s really bothering me is that I feel that I’m making safe choices, when it comes to Titania, and I’m afraid of it becoming boring (for me and the audience) and not standing out from the rest of the cast. I mean she’s a fairy right? There are a thousand ways to portray a fairy queen I’m sure, I just can’t seem to get it right yet. The director hasn’t approached me about it, but I know if I were directing this I would want more out of me. But maybe I’m just being too hard on myself, right? I mean we’ve only had a handful of rehearsals and just yesterday did we get away from the table and get on our feet.

They cut a lot from the play and a lot from my scenes, so I guess that isn’t helping when it comes to the audience identifying with me. I’ll have to do more research and figure out what’s missing from my scenes, textually, and bring that into the character somehow.

We had a couple of workshops with some really great acting coaches. It brought me back to my (place college name here) days and was a bit of a warm up refresher.

Here’s hoping I figure it out, or else I’ll have to become a doctor or something, and I already have over $100,000 in student loans (after scholarships, YIKES).


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